Common ways employers take advantage of workers

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) outlines the federal rules regarding employment compensation and overtime pay. The FLSA requires that nonexempt workers be paid an overtime rate of one and one-half times their normal wage for every hour exceeding 40 hours worked in a week. While this wage increase is simply the cost of doing business, many employers find ways to skirt around FLSA overtime pay requirements.

Employers are not allowed to wrongfully withhold their workers’ overtime pay. Even so, employers attempt to short workers with astonishing frequency. If you suspect your employer is not paying you the compensation you have earned, contact the Houston wage claim attorneys of Williams Kherkher by calling (888) 262-9002.

You might be owed overtime pay

There are many tricks companies use to shield themselves from the burden that fair wage laws present to their profitability. Because many companies exist only to make money, they may use deceitful tactics to deny workers the wages to which they are entitled. You may be owed overtime pay if your employer uses any of the following tactics:

  • Misclassifying workers as salaried employees or failing to pay salaried employees required overtime
  • Misclassifying workers as independent contractors to avoid paying full compensation
  • Failing to pay daily (or flat) rate employees required overtime, or only paying them “straight time” for overtime
  • Failing to pay workers for required “off-the-clock” tasks, such as:
    • Travel time to the job site
    • Travel time in between job sites
    • Donning, doffing, or cleaning safety equipment or gear
    • Safety or technical meetings
    • Paperwork done at home
    • Calling in to check on your schedule
    • Other unpaid work-related activities
  • Underreporting hours to avoid paying employees overtime
  • Improperly paying per diems instead of wages

If your employer is not paying you for all of your work, you may be able to hold them accountable for unpaid wages under the FLSA. The process of making such a claim can be complicated and will require a great deal of detailed information.

Contact a Houston FLSA Claims Attorney

FLSA violations are serious. Holding an employer accountable for failing to live up to wage regulations can feel scary, but know that it is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for bringing up a wage dispute. If you feel suspicious about the pay that you are receiving, get in touch with a Houston FLSA claims attorney from Williams Kherkher to speak with an attorney about your options. You may be able to receive the back payments you are owed. Call (888) 262-9002 to learn more.