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The global standard for work hours per week has been established at 40 hours, and studies have shown that hours worked past that can have significant affects on employees. As a result, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) guarantees workers receive one and a half times their normal rate for any work past 40 hours a week. When this overtime compensation is not paid, employees lose out on well-deserved compensation that could be used for many beneficial things such as food, health care, and education. Unfortunately, paralegals are easily susceptible to losing out on overtime pay. Prior to 2005, paralegals were deemed exempt employees and often did not qualify for overtime pay, despite the long hours they worked.

The Houston wage claim attorneys of Williams Kherkher understand how aggravating it is to not be paid sufficiently for the hours worked. Paralegals are the backbone of any law firm and their work deserves to be rewarded with the compensation it deserves. If you believe you may be owed unpaid wages, contact our office today at (888) 262-9002 so that our qualified attorneys can begin building your case.

Common Ways Paralegals are Exploited

Along with the legal and clerical work that paralegals must conduct, they have many additional responsibilities to keep the firm operating at its best. Many paralegals are salaried workers; however, just being classified as a salaried worker does not disqualify you from overtime benefits. Salaried paralegals are often forced to conduct many clerical and supportive work tasks off the clock, such as answering emails, work-related phone calls, and after-hours cleaning. These actions still constitute work for the employer and deserve to be paid. Some of the most common ways paralegals are exploited to not receive overtime pay include:

  • Off the clock work
  • Employers claiming additional work is part of a paralegals job
  • Classifying paralegals as exempt employees
  • Making off the clock deliveries
  • Underreporting hours
  • Performance-based bonuses

Furthermore, performance-based bonuses do not make up for a lack of overtime pay. Predatory employers may claim that these bonuses will rise or lower depending on the quality of work of the paralegal to try and incentivize them to conduct additional voluntary work. Bonuses that encourage workers to work more efficiently and overall improve the quality of work should be calculated as a part of the normal rate, thus should increase a paralegals overtime rate. The FLSA has provisions in place that allow workers who have wrongfully been denied overtime pay to recover backpayments that they are owed by their employers. An attorney can help you through the process of filiing a claim and securing the backpay you deserve.

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If you or someone you know is a paralegal who has been exploited or has not been adequately paid for their work, you have many legal options to begin recovering your unpaid wages. At Williams Kherkher, our Houston wage attorneys believe that all workers deserve to be compensated fairly for their contributions to their company. We understand how demoralizing it is to be taken advantage of by your employer, and we strive to protect all worker rights. Contact our office today at (888) 262-9002 to speak with a member of our legal team.