Houston Medical Workers Wage Claim Attorneys

The medical field is one of the highest grossing industries in the world today. Despite this, medical care in the U.S. is often still criticized for being immensely imbalanced. Hospitals have some of the highest paid professions as well as many more underpaid ones. Surgeons that specialize can make as much as 20 times the amount that another full-time hospital employee can make. In order to pay for these high salaries much of the medical industry compensates by exploiting low-level employees. These underpaid employees often face longer and more grueling hours of work than many other hospital higher-ups. Unfortunately, many employers fail to pay their workers fairly for their hours worked.

The medical workers wage claim attorneys of Williams Kherkher are dedicated to helping those who are being taken advantage of. Everyone is entitled to the money they have worked for, despite what predatory employers may think. Our lawyers strive to assist medical workers and claim back their hard-earned money through litigation and other legal means.

Commonly Exploited Medical Jobs

Whether you are a nurse or a surgeon, working in the medical industry is a high-stress job. Anything you do can have an effect on another life. There is no easy position in this industry and because of this, most medical workers are forced to work long strenuous hours. Some of the most commonly exploited medical jobs include:

  • Nurses
  • Physician Assistants
  • Young doctors
  • Medical Scribes
  • Janitors
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • In residence doctors
  • Home care nurses
  • Hospital Administrators

These are only a few of the many underpaid employees in the medical field. Employees who work these positions typically see over 40-hour workweeks, and it is very common for many of these hours to be undocumented. The people who choose to enter the medical field typically do not do so for the money, but for the opportunity to save lives. Their good hearts make some medical professionals prime targets for greedy employers. As a result, many are consistently being overworked without sufficient compensation.

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The current healthcare industry is habitually criticized for being too expensive for many Americans to afford. Contradictory to this concern, the healthcare industry is still frequently taking advantage of their employees by neglecting to compensate them fairly. If you or someone you know is working in the medical industry and suspect that you are not being compensated justly for your work, you may be entitled to make a claim. At Williams Kherkher, we believe that all employees deserve every cent that they have earned. Our experienced attorneys will work with you to design a strong legal plan personalized for your individual case. Call our offices today at (888) 262-9002 to learn more about how we can assist you in claiming your unpaid wages.