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The Houston FLSA lawyers of Williams Kherkher believe that all workers should be fairly and correctly compensated for the work they deliver for their employer. When employers fail to properly pay wages and overtime pay, we are prepared to take strong and decisive action to help you recover the money you are owed.

If you believe that your employer altered your timesheet, required you to work off-the-clock, or mis-classified you as an overtime-exempt worker, make sure to contact us at (888) 262-9002 to discuss the details of your claim. Our wage and overtime attorneys are here to fight for you.

Wage and Overtime Claim Attorneys

About Williams Kherkher

Williams Kherkher Hart Boundas Easterby, LLP is a Houston-based law firm that was established in 1983. We are committed to protecting the rights of individuals all across the country, and we handle all types of mass-torts, personal injury, and business claims.

Our clients know that we have the experience and the resources to represent them against major corporations, giant pharmaceutical companies, and Big Oil. If you believe that you may have a wage and overtime claim against your employer, contact us at (888) 262-9002.