Worker sues company for not paying him overtime

Harris County, Texas resident Yasel Campos filed a class action lawsuit independently and on behalf of other parties on October 21, 2016 in the Houston Division of the Southern District of Texas. Campos is filing against Prudent Inc., alleging violations of workers compensation acts by failing to pay him overtime.

According to the lawsuit, during the time that Campos was working for the defendants as a butcher starting in August 2015, he consistently worked more than 40 hours per week without receiving overtime pay at a rate not less than one and one-half times his regular pay rate for each hour worked in excess of 40 hours per week as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Campos is claiming the defendant failed to pay him overtime, was not able to maintain proper time records, and retaliated against him by firing him from his job when he asserted his rights. He wants trial by jury, an order that allows the case to proceed as collective action, all unpaid overtime wages, liquidated damages, attorney fees and court costs, and other forms of relief the judges may deem him entitled to.

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