December is The Time for Overtime

For many years, outdated overtime restrictions cost workers their time and money, as they were severely underpaid for their extra time spent on the clock; federal laws claimed they made too much money to qualify for extra payments. In order to make the labor laws easier to follow for both the employer and employee, President Obama enacted a new overtime rule in 2014 that allows millions of more American workers to qualify for overtime, as well as making it clearer to employees who are exempt. The final new rule will be enacted on December 1st, 2016 allowing business professionals to prepare for the changes.

The new overtime rule raises the salary legibility from $455 a week to $913 a week, enabling those who make $47,476 a year to qualify for overtime pay. According to the United States Department of Labor, this update extends the protections of overtime pay to an estimated 4.2 million Americans, with 370,000 new workers qualifying just in Texas. The rule also requires that the salary threshold changes every three years according to wage conditions. Businesses, in turn, will have a better understanding of who qualifies for overtime, and will either limit their hours or raise their salary.

If you qualify for the new overtime benefits, then be prepared to receive an early Christmas present this December in the form of overtime pay, a higher salary, or simply more free time. If your employer does not comply with the new law, causing you to work overtime without pay, then you should pursue legal action. At Williams Kherkher our Houston wage claim attorneys can help you recover compensation that you were robbed of. Contact our offices today at (888) 262-9002 to discuss the new overtime rules and how it applies to your claim.