Senate Cafeteria Workers Win $1 million in Backpay

Even in the lawmaking center of the country, fair wage laws can still be broken, as can be seen in the recent case where the US Department of Labor found that the US Capitol underpaid its cafeteria workers $1 million over the last several years.

The private contractor used in the Capitol’s cafeterias, Restaurant Associates, and a subcontractor, Personnel Plus, were found to be at fault for underpaying their workers by misclassifying personnel into lower-paying positions and asking them to work overtime without extra pay.

The Department of Labor’s six-year investigation found that 604 employees were underpaid by Restaurant Associates in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The company is currently working to pay $1 million in back pay to current and former employees. It is currently yet to be determined whether or not Restaurant Associates will be able to hold future federal government contracts. The Department found Personnel Plus also guilty of underpaying the cafeteria workers, though the company has repeatedly denied taking any role in the withholding of wages.

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